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  • I'm interested in a four tier statuary fountain. Can you install this type of fountain?
    Yes, please contact us for an estimate.
  • What does it mean when the water on a fountain is surging up and down?
    It could be a clogged suction.
  • How often do fountains need to be drained?
    The most common reasons to drain a fountain would be to repair an electrical underwater junction box, to replace or repair a nozzle, clean a neglected fountain that has a severe algae scum problem, or repaint the fountain surface.
  • Why should I have a maintenance program on my fountain?
    By having a maintenance program, you will prolong the life of any fountain.
  • What is an aerator fountain?
    A fountain that pumps water into the air, which agitates the water to produce oxygen bubbles for a lake or pond fountain.
  • What is a mechanical water makeup system in a fountain?
    It is a system that will replace water that is lost from evaporation and splash.
  • What does a sensor probe system do for a fountain?
    The sensor probe system has two functions; the first is to replace water that is lost from evaporation and splash and the second is to sensor the amount of water in the fountain.  If the water is too low, the sensor probe system will shut the pump down due to low water.